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Creole cuisine

creole cuisine

Creole cuisine is various and tasty, meals are typically a single course of fish or meat.
The base of most dishes includes chicken, pork, goat, fish or crustaceans. You will find fantastic fillets of tuna, daurades and thazard as well as freshly caught shellfish, prawns and other seafood.
The variety of ingredients is only matched by the numerous cooking methods employed from complex preparation to simply grilled and complimented by sauces (chien, vanilla, pepper…), boiled rice and fresh vegetables.

Accras:creole fritters with prawns, fish or vegetables
Boudin créole:"sausage" spiced, pork or fish…
Crabe farci:mud crab with spicy filling
Lambi: pulp from the giant strombo, a large mollusk found in the Caribbean. There are various ways of cooking this dish but it is often accompanied by a spicy creole saucel
Poulet boucané: chicken smoked over sugar cane
Colombo: a typical curry style powder used in fish and meat dishes.
Chatrou: octopus
Calalou: a soup with a base of herbs, vegetables, pork or crab
Paté en pot: soup of trip of lamb and vegetables
Blaff: a style of cooking fish or crustaceans in water and spices accompanied by rice
Matoutou: a specialty dish consisting of mud crab and rice; a dish traditionally eaten at Easter.
Gratin de banane: are bananas suitable for desert and those for cooking. Grated banana is often a side dish accompanying the main course.
Cristophine: a pear shaped Caribbean fruit with a delicate flavor commonly used in a gratin.
Ignam: a tuberous vegetable that is used much like a potato
Sauce chien: a light sauce often accompanying grilled meat or fish, slightly spicy
'Tinain: green banana prepared in the same way as a potato
Z'habitant: Large freshwater prawns
Flan de Coco: a desert consisting primarily of milk and coconut



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