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About the island

Culture, traditions and crafts

culture, traditions and handicrafts in Martinique

Martinique is a place where tradition is embraced with enthusiasm in every aspect of daily life. Introduced by the many different cultures, European, African, Indian and Caribbean,

The colorful traditional costumes, adherence to religious festivities, the carnivals, zouk music, the boat races of gommiers and yoles...this is Martinique. Enjoying life to its fullest, both discrete and exuberant at the same time, with the soft Caribbean rhythms in concert.

traditional Caribbean ballet in Martinique traditional cockfight in Martinique sorbets on the beach in martinique

One cannot fail to mention the cuisine, which is as indicative of the island as anything else, to be seen and tried…and tried again!

Contact with the locals brings forth a hospitality that is both friendly and respectful. You will often be lured into friendly banter with the locals or enticed to try some traditional punch ….you are guaranteed a good time if invited to a local party or festival which occur year round.

The population is made up in great part by black, Creole and mixed races, the 15000 French or “metropolitains” as they are locally known remain in the minority. There continues the immigration of the locally born adults towards France for economic reasons but their attachment to Martinique has not lessened.

A web site about creole culture: Kapes Kreyol.

Gommiers and yoles

gommiers and yoles traditionals boats in martinique

The gommier is tradition, sport and enjoyment.We present this truly Antillean product, its historic origins and antique methods of construction.

Writers of Martinique

Caribbean literature and writers of Martinique

Discover the contemporary literature of Martinique through the works of Aimé Cesaire, Patrick Chamoiseau, Raphael Confiant, Edouard Glissant.

Carnival in Martinique

caribbean carnival in martinique

The Antilles’ Carnival follows the universal carnival tradition but has a distinctly European flavor.

Handcrafts in Martinique

artisan of calabash in Martinique

The true spirit of Martinique and its traditions can be found in the handcrafts produced by the local artisans reflecting the rich island culture.

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