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What to do in Martinique

Diving in Martinique

diving in the caribbean sea of martinique

Explore the coral sea floor surrounding Martinique and its’ spectacular residents in 28° water all year round.

The island’s dive centers offer many different opportunities for divers of all levels.



diving spots in martinique

North Caribbean

La Perle and the Sous Marin: Walls from 25 to 40 m., coral fish and marine life; coral plateau near to the coast, with walls from 8 to 25m. caves, rock fish and lobster

La Citadelle: Coral plain from 12 to 25m with abundant fauna

Les Jardins du Precheurs: different dive sites

Les Canyons de Babaudy: canyons of depths reaching 50m, bass

The relics of Sainte Pierre (for experts): Sunken relics from the start of the century by the eruption of a volcano at 50m below the sea

Le Cap Enragé: Coral garden on a plateau, caves and small canyons

Anses d'Arlet

Pointe Burgos (all levels):A plateau to 12 m. Rich with fish, gorgogne and coral. A vertical wall on two sides, resembling an alipine pass filled with banks of Bat fish, rayes

Pointe Salomon (all levels): Magnificent underwater excursion between potato coral, eboulis and coral walls: variety of fish, in schools or solo, turtles and rays.

Pointe de la Baleine (all levels): Large rock formation, walls rich with fixed fauna, opportunity to meet turtles

Nahoon (2° level): Resting on the floor at 35 m, relic and three masts of 50 metres: you can explore the engine room, or the helm and move the ship’s rudder.

Ste Luce/Marin

Pointe Borgnèse (all levels): An ideal beginner’s site: potato coral at 6m depth and walls at 15m. A multitude of tropical fish

Les Trois Vallées (Level 1 minimum): Coral walls between 10 and 40m, cut by stripes of white sand flecked by tropical fish.

La Grande Caye (all levels): Large coral banks rich with tropical fish, from 6m to the surface. A wall until 30m depth.Parrot fish, turtles, many tropical species of fauna.

Le Diamant

Rocher du Diamant (all levels):Vertical walls rich with fixed fauna, passages under reefs, flat and wall, covered in coral and populated by tropical fish a passage created by a fault.

Les Tombants de la Baie (Level 1 minimum): 10 km off the coast of the bay of Diamant, a series of coral walls , ricj with a variety of coral, gorgogne, tropical fish and turtles

Sec du Diamant (Level 1 minimum1): 6 km off the coast a vast coral plateau only 8 m below the surface, surrounded by walls that descend as far as 50m. You can encounter rayes, turtles and two anchors of 6 metres each (relics of fallen ships).

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