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Marin Patron Saint's Festival
Diamant Patron Saint's Festival

Several municipalities and Fort de France

Children Carnival
Parade of the Queens of the Carnival  in every community - starting from 15h00
Fat Sunday: official debut of the Carnival King, His Majesty Vaval
Fat Tuesday: the day of the red devils, les Diables Rouges, typical masks of the  Martinican carnival
Ash Wednesday: in black and white. Burning of  Vaval, on a funeral pyre
Trinité Creole Song Contest
Schoelcher Nautical week- International Sailing Competition
Trois Ilets Patron Saint's Festival till Carnival
Sainte-Luce Patron Saint's Festival
Grand-Rivière Lobster day : restaurants tastings
Vauclin Crab fair, with entertainment, crabs for sale and takeaway food
Fort de France Expo of Dillon (trade fair: clothing, handcrafts, cars, home decor, furniture and more) 
Rivière Pilote Agricultural Fair -  sale of local products, food courts, musical shows
Ajoupa Bouillon Convergence or Descente des Mornes: discovering the Northern towns
Grand Rivière Randonuit: walking with a guide, dinner, music and entertainment
Sainte-Marie La Patte d'Or: A day dedicated to the land crab, with entertainment
Fort de France Les Voies de la Tradition – Artcrafts, local handcrafts, typical products - Place de la Savane
Fort de France International Meeting of Athletics - Dillon Stadium
Sainte Marie Culinary Week: cooking competition, promotional menus, exhibitions, music
Fort de France Tchimbé Raid Matinik: ultratrail with different routes and lengths
22 Several municipalities Slavery Abolition Day - Lots of cultural events
Saint-Pierre Exhibitions, shows, lectures and commemorative walks. May 8th is the anniversary date of the 1902 Mount Pelée eruption
Grand Rivière Ecrevisses à toutes les Sauces - culinary day
Saint Joseph Patron Saint's Festival
Saint Esprit Patron Saint's Festival
Lamentin Lamentin Jazz Project: Jazz Music Festival
Marin Marché d’art Contemporain: Exhibits and sale of art creations
Sainte-Marie Fête de Fin de Récolte de la Canne à sucre - Sugar cane harvest festival Music: cultural events, tasting and entertainment. First or second week of month
Several municipalities La Fête de la Musique. National and international day of music. Free concerts performed in the street of Fort-de-France and throughout the island
Ajoupa Bouillon Pineapple festival
Fort de France Cultural Festival : Exhibitions, concerts and shows
Fort de France Tour de la Martinique, bicycle race
Rivière Pilote Cultural Nights : dance, music, theater, lecture
Sainte-Marie Biguine Jazz Festival: music performances and exhibitions
Trinité Trempage Show: culinary show
Lorrain Banana festival, entertainments and traditional food tastings
Several municipalities Journée de Découverte du Terroir du parc Naturel Régional de la Martinique : discovery days of the Natural Park of Martinique
Sainte Anne Patron Saint's Festival
Anse d'Arlet Patron Saint's Festival
Marin Carrefour Martiniquais du Tambour: 15 days of concerts, exhibitions and cultural events
Fort de France Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes, a week-long regatta of traditional racing sailing boats around Martinique
Lamentin Patron Saint's Festival
Robert Patron Saint's Festival, sport and cultural events, entertainments
Vauclin Boulevard musical every Sunday from 19h00 to 24h00
Sainte Marie Christmas traditions, exhibits, workshops and shopping
Several municipalities Heritage Days : Open doors event in the nation’s historical monuments and government buildings, including those that are not traditionally open to the public.
François Patron Saint's Festival
Fond-Saint-Denis Patron Saint's Festival
Marin Festival des Sens – Festival of the Senses: music, dance, song, paintings, a 24-hour art show
Marin International Deep Sea Fishing Contest
Fort-de-France International Semi-Marathon of Fort de France
Fort de France St Cecilia's day
Fort de France Celebrating Christmas with Chanté Nwel : traditional Christmas carols
Vauclin Biguin's Regatta: multihull regatta
Saint-Joseph Christmas Carols festival
Sainte-Marie Rum Festival. Held annually at St. James Distillery.
Anse d'Arlet Semaine culturelle Arlesienne - Annual Cultural Week
Trinité Chante Nwel, Christmas Market, entertainment
Fort de France Capital feast
Trois Ilets Internazional Gospel meeting
Vauclin Marché bo KaÏ: pork expo and flea market
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