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getting to Martinique

The flight from Paris to Martinique takes approximately 8 hours and after no more than an hour clearing customs and collecting your baggage a short taxi ride will find you at your personal paradise.

Martinique is connected to France by numerous flights daily. The principal leg from Paris Orly to Fort-de-France is serviced by Air France, Air Caraibes and Corsair

Air France: 2 or 3 flights per day on alternate days
Air Caraibes: 1 flight per day during peak season ; 4 flights per week during the low season
Corsair: 1 flight daily, usually late morning departure


For further information about prices, availability or to make a booking, please visit our section

Airline Ticket


Air France, Air Caraibe and Corsair have fares, Paris to Fort de France, which vary between 550 Euro and 900 Euro*. *average price for a 30 day return economy ticket .

Remember that the best offers are normally available for departures with ample time in the future.

A note:

.All flights for Martinique depart from Paris Orly. If your flight lands at the airport Charles de Gaulle, it is therefore necessary to transfer by land to Orly: budget 3 hours to transfer from one airport to the other. Several low cost airline companies offer flights directly to Paris Orly, but one must pay attention to the arrival times and allow for eventual delays so as not to miss your inter-continental flight.


It is also possible to travel by other routes, making stopovers and tailor made arrangements.

Not to forget the connections with the USA (via Porto Rico and via Haiti), with Canada and South America: Cayenne (French Guyana), Belem (Brasil).

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