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What to do in Martinique


kite surf martinique

Anse Michel and Anse Trabaud are the ideal spots to fly above the waves of Martinique.

Kitesurfing or Flysurfing is a fascinating sport, born in Hawaii in 1994 and today very much in vogue today in Martinique.

A stimulating sport to watch as well as do, a surf board attached to a maneuverable chute which provides vertical lift permitting riders to perform spectacular jumps.


The south Atlantic beaches are those best adapted to Flysurfing and should be considered a Flysurf Mecca whether you want to participate or as a spectator.


Anse Michel, Cap Chevalier

Pointe Faula, Le Vauclin

Petit Macabou, Le Vauclin

Anse Trabaud, Ste Anne

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