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Nature of Martinique

nature of martinique

The nickname “MADININA” or the island of flowers could not be more appropriate. The island radiates color, Hibiscus, Oleander, Rose, Bougainvillea, Orchids and Frangipani to name but a few of the thousands of species of flower supported by the island.

Martinique’s abundance of vibrant flowers, vegetation and landscape changes according to the altitude and the microclimate of the different zones.

tropical flowers martinique tropical flowers martinique tropical flowers martinique

The mountain peaks and inland ranges are covered in luxurious tropical forest with thickets of Bamboo, Rubber trees, towering hard woods with vines and hanging vegetation.

The more arid southern zone supports a savanna of Cactus, Frangipani, Balsam, Coconut and Acacia…

The gardens and botanical parks offer you the chance to pass hours immersed in stupendous nature and allow you an appreciation of the vast assortment of plant species to be found in the tropics.

waterfall in tropical forest of Martinique caribbean rainforest tropical river in Martinique
tropical forest north martinique countryside landscape south Martinique flamboyant tree

In Martinique lives the Manicou (opossum), found often along the edges of the road in the evenings…be careful not to hit one! Commonly found throughout the island are Mangusta, brought to the island during the last century from India to control the mice population that are drawn to the fields of sugar cane.

Anolis lizards are also readily seen in Martinique. The Trigonocefalo Viper, known as the “fer de lance” or “lance of iron”, common in Central America, are a shy animal that prefer the tranquility of the forest and are rarely seen by visitors to the island.

On the Ilet Chancel, islet of Robert, still lives an iguana endemic of Lesser Antilles, the Iguana Delicatissima, while at Fort Saint Louis in Fort de France you can see the Iguana Iguana or Green Iguana.

Trigonocephalus snake iguana martinique iguana delicatissima
anolis lizard anolis lizard spider martinique

Found only on Martinique is the Migale or Mantou spider. They are harmless to humans but are regarded as the second most beautiful spider in the world.

The placid Creole cows of Martinique occupy the pastures of the island, often in the company of Egrets that alleviate the cows of natural parasites as well as profit from the cows continuous movement of the grass and topsoil, uncovering small animals such as worms and grasshoppers.

The Sucrier and several other varieties of rare bird such as the white breasted Cinclorcenzia and white breasted Mimo make Martinique one of the last places in the world where it is possible to find these near extinct species.

colibri martinique colibri sucrier birds of martinique

Along the coast of Martinique is not difficult to meet dolphins, who will accompany you during your cruise catamaran.

The sea floor of Martinique enchants with its colorful fish and coral. The seas of the Caribbean are home to such coral fish species as the Cernie , Barracuda, Parrot Fish, Lobster and crustaceans, Turtles, Sea horse and sponges….

The beaches are populated by crabs and other crustaceans, and the mangrove crabs protected by strict hunting rules can reach astounding dimensions.

mangrove crab land crab dolphins in martinique
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