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About the island

North Atlantic beaches

Norther atlantic beaches Martinique

The beaches along the north Atlantic coastline, on the edges of the tropical forest, are considered ideal for surfers and those more adventurous, some are also suitable for a picnic by the sea and a bath in the waves. The Ilets Bay Robert open to the public are the Ilet Chancel Ilet and Madame, with shallow water and crystal clear sea. There are several ways to visit the Ilets du Robert, you can choose from various excursions, in yole with local fishermen or sea kayaking.

Le Robert

Ilet Chancel

Ilet Chancel in the bay of Le Robert, Martinique Ilet Chancel in the bay of Le Robert, Martinique   

The Ilet Chancel is the biggest of the little islands of Martinique, it is the only place where endemic iguanas of the Small Antilles still are to be found. Iguana Delicatissima can be easily spotted. You can also visit the ruins of a “habitation” and just over the cape there is a beautiful beach with crystalline waters, not known by many.

Ilet Madame

Ilet Madame Le Robert Martinique Ilet Madame beach, in the Bay of Le Robert, Martinique Ilet Madame Martinique

The Ilet Madame, on the opposite side of the bay is well known for its locals, its beach, the crystalline waters and the “fond blancs”.

Ilet Loup Garrou

ilet loup garou martinique    

Just out of the coral reef is the Ilet Loup Garou (ware wolf in French) is an atoll of pink mother of pearl sand with a few palm trees…..the materialization of the island of your dreams.This is a protected island, you can be approached by boat but you can not land.

Peninsula of Tartane

Tartane e Anse L'Etang

Anse l'Etang in Tartane, Martinique    

Whilst the waves off the coast make the area popular with surfers, the beach of Tartane is quiet and ideal for families or those just wanting to relax.

Nearby bars and restaurants are plentiful.

Anse Bonneville

Anse Bonneville, Plage des Surfeurs in Tartane, Martinique    

Located between Tartane and the Duboc Castle the beach of Anse Bonneville is also known as the Beach of the Surfers, a Mecca for those who love big waves.

Picnic areas along the beach.

Sainte Marie

Anse Charpentier

Anse Charpentier in Sainte Marie, Martinique Anse Charpentier in Sainte Marie, Martinique  

Between Sainte Marie and Marigot this is another beach popular with surfers.

There is a restaurant near the beach’s edge.

Anse Azerot

Anse Azerot in Sainte Marie in Martinique    

A beautiful bathing beach with shadow, frequented by local families on weekends.


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