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About the island

North Caribbean beaches

North Caribbean beaches Martinique

Picturesque volcanic sandy beaches, trimmed by groves of coconut and dotted with traditional fishing villages.

Le Precheur

Anse Couleuvre

The north of the island is characterized by the presence of the volcano, luxuriant vegetation and black sand beaches, where in Summer turtles come to lay their eggs. Don’t forget to take your mask, snorkel and flippers, the beautiful sea floor is not be missed.!!

Behind the beach is a bar restaurant which is open during holidays.

anse couleuvre beach, northern martinique    

Anse Céron

A beautiful black sand beach with coco palms. Anse Céron faces toward the Ilet la Perle, a circular island, popular with scuba divers. Whilst the beaches is isolated it is well equipped with shower and toilet facilities as well as picnic tables.

There can be found on occasion walking vendors.

anse ceron beach, martinique    

Le Carbet

Anse Turin

A beautiful wide beach with calm sea and transparent ideal for swimming, with a backdrop of Mount Pelée. Quite busy on weekends.

anse turin beach, martinique    


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