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Passports and Documents

Martinique, being a French territory, is a part of the European Union. European residents need only carry Identity Cards to enter Martinique. You are, however, advised to bring your passport with you if you intend to visit neighboring islands or go cruising outside of the territorial waters of the island. A valid European Driving license is all that is required for car and motorbike hire.

Those wishing to visit the Island from the US or Canada may stay for 3mths with Valid US or Canadian travel documentation, demonstrating their residency in the US or Canada.Other non EU nationalities will need to complete the standard immigration formalities (passport and Visa) required to visit France.An international driving permit is advised for car motorbike hire.

Currency, Payments and Credit Cards

The Euro (€) is the official currency of Martinique.
All major credit cards are generally accepted as payment for hotels, restaurants, shops etc.It is possible to make cash withdrawals from Automated Teller Machines subject to your bank’s conditions. Cash withdrawals are not permitted on foreign cards or bank accounts from local banks on the island.
Outside of Martinique’s territorial waters, on nearby islands, the East Caribbean Dollar is used ( 1Euro = 3,02 XCD)

Languages Spoken

The official language of Martinique is French, though locals often use Creole amongst themselves.English is often spoken proficiently, especially in the tourist areas.Regardless of your native language, the local’s friendliness and willingness to help ensures that with a bit of effort and a sense of humor anything can be achieved.


The island’s tropical climate has two distinct seasons:

  • - the Dry Season, from mid November to mid May, has rarely any storms and consistently pleasant temperatures between 29-29° Celsius. During this period the climate is generally cooler and less humid in contrast to the rest of the year.
  • - the Hot and Humid Season, from mid May to mid November. The “Alisei”, dominant easterly winds diminish as the season progresses and the rain becomes more intense and frequent. Temperatures reach 30-31° Celsius in the afternoon.

Time Differences

is 4 hours behind GMT

Public Holidays

Apart from the major Catholic days of celebration, Martinique also celebrates the following:
Ascension (40 days after Easter)
Pentecost (the 8th Monday after Easter)
Abolition of Slavery Day 22nd May
Bastille Day 14th July
Birthday of Schoeler 21st July
Assumption Day 15th August
All Saints 1st November
Armistice Day 11th November

Have a look at the calendar of events in Martinique!

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