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About the island

Rum of Martinique

rum agricolo della martinica

In Martinique you can appreciate a truly special product resulting from years of tradition and passion. Rum the ideal tropical companion in your moments of relaxation and enjoyment, be it in a hammock under a coconut tree or sipping a cocktail at the disco on the beach…... Rum also represents an activity in itself. A day trip to a rum distillery or plantation gives you the opportunity to explore the creole culture and experience some of the atmosphere of lost times.

Rum of Martinique

Rum can be considered a symbol of the island. Martinique produces Rhum Agricole, derived from the distilling of raw sugar, pure and unprocessed.This technique differs greatly from the those more commonly used throughout the world often referred to as “industrial rum” due to their use of the molasses derived as a byproduct from the processing of sugar.

cutting sugar cane to product rum of Martinique cane cutters in Martinique cane cutters in Martinique

Rhum agricole: is obtained by distilling only fermented sugar cane juice. 100Kg of sugar cane produces 10 liters of rhum agricole

Industrial Rum or Traditional Rum: is produced by using the bi product of the sugar refining process, sugar molasses. It is inferior in aroma and flavor and is commonly used in cocktails or cooking. This was the predecessor to Rhum Agricole.

Rhum vieux or Aged Rum: Rhum Agricole allowed to age over at least 3 years in casks of 650L or less. Aged rum from Martinique is amongst the most highly regarded in the world.

Rhum paille: Rhum Agricolo that has been aged for at least 12 months in cask of capacity superior to 650L.

Since November 1996 the Rhum Agricolo from Martinique has benefited from the recognition AOC. This recognition requires the cultivators of the sugar cane and the producers of rum to respect various regulations with regard to type, location and intensity of cane farming as well as the period of fermentation and process of distillation.

Below you will find a list of the principal distilleries:

  • Distillerie Clément, Le François
  • Distillerie Depaz, St. Pierre
  • Trois Rivieres, S.te Luce
  • La Mauny, Rivière Pilote
  • Distillerie Bally, Carbet
  • Rhum Neisson, Carbet
  • J.M., Macouba
  • Saint-Etienne, Gros Morne
  • Saint-James, S.te Marie
  • Hardy Distillerie, Trinité
  • Usine Sucrière du Galion, Trinité
  • Distillerie Dillon, Fort-de-France
  • Distillerie Simon, François
  • Distillerie La Favorite, Lamentin

Traditional cocktails


This cocktail is considered an institution on Martinique, you’ll be offered one at any time of the day.

  • 1/5 sugar cane syrup
  • 4/5 White rhum agricole
  • 1 slice of lime
  • 1 cube of ice
planteur, rum cocktail rhum arrangé  


A cocktail considered for more feminine tastes, made with tropical fruit juices

  • 1 unit of white rhum agricole
  • ¼ unit of sugar cane syrup
  • 1 unit of orange juice
  • 1 unit of pineapple juice
  • A pinch of spice (cinnamon, Muscat nut, ginger syrup)
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