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South Atlantic beaches

south atlantic beaches martinique

To the south Martinique, facing the Atlantic are fantastic undeveloped beaches, always breezy.


Anse Trabaud

anse trabaud beach, baie des anglais martinique    

The Anse Trabaud is a splendid deserted beach, outside of the usual tourist path. It can be reached in car by traversing several plantations and farms. There is a small surcharge to be paid to the property owners to take this path. Alternatively, the beach can be reached by walking from the beach Les Salines. Although popular with the surf community the beach itself is relatively unpopulated and you are sure to find your little spot of paradise.

Due to its isolation you should take your own drinking water etc.

Anse Michel

Cap Chevalier

anse michel beach at Cap Chevalier Sainte Anne Martinique    

Due to the continuous winds that drive against the coastline, the Anse Michel is popular with surfers and fun boarders alike. White sand, coconut groves, natural rock wading pools filled with soft turquoise water make this beach a Mecca for locals on a Friday afternoon.

There are several restaurants in the area, many of which are within walking distance of the beach.

Anse Au Bois, Anse Esprit

Cap Chevalier

Cap Chevalier beaches, Sainte Anne Martinique Cap Chevalier beaches - St Anne - Martinique  

Like nearby Anse Michel, this white sandy beach offers natural rock pools that form your own personal Jucuzzi when the sea is calm. Passing over the rock groin at the end of the beach you will find yet more white sand laid out before you.

At the beginning of the beach, set back a small distance from the sand, is a restaurant.

Ilet Chevalier

Cap Chevalier

Ilet Chevalier beach St Anne Martinique    

Only a short distance offshore there is a small island with beautiful white sandy beaches. The island has a jetty in a small harbor allowing local boats to carry those wishing to explore the island.

Due to the island’s relatively basic infrastructure visitors are advised to take their own water with them. A picnic on the beach is ideal.

Anse Baleine

Cap Macré

cap macre beaches in Sainte Anne Martinique cap macre beaches martinique  

Between Sainte-Anne and Le Vauclin, this splendid white sandy beach is all but deserted during the week. It has trees growing right to the sands’ edge under which you will find picnic tables and a place to suspend your hammock.

You should take food and water with you

Anse Grosse Roche

Cap Ferré

grosse roche beach - Martinique

A superb unspoiled beach, bathed in turquoise waters, and ringed by coconuts trees. The beach can be reached only by foot, but it is a journey you will be more than rewarded for.

You should take food and water with you as this beach has been left undeveloped by the locals and as such there are no facilities

Le Vauclin

Grand Macabou

Grand Macabou beach In southern Martinique    

A considerable distance from developed area, reached only by following an unpaved road, the untouched beach of Grande Macabou. The waters of the bay are never still and occasionally larger waves strike the shore.

Be sure to take water with you.

Pointe Faula

pointe faula beach le vauclin martinique    

Le François

Ilets de François

ilets du François Martinique    

The Francois isles are volcanic islands, with white sand and splendid water.

You will need to arrange a passage by boat to reach the isles and to experience the Baignoire de Josephine, a baptism by Rum.


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