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Habitation Clément

Habitation Clement, rum distillery and historic monument of Martinique

Between the fields of sugar cane, in the area of Francois, the Habitation Clement is the only “habitation” or plantation open entirely to the public.
A visit to the Habitation Clement will take you on a journey back in time, through the history of the Creole culture and the agricultural history of the island. All of this, set against a backdrop of 17 ha of lush botanic gardens.

The term “Habitation”, in its Creole sense, describes a property and its structures destined for agricultural or commercial ends. In addition to the main house and out buildings (kitchen, laundry, pantry and workers accommodation), the Habitation Clement includes and antique distillery. Restructured in 2005, the distillery now hosts the Centre d’Interprétation des Rhums Clément. The aging rooms, the cellars, and offices that make up the distillery are all situated within a botanic garden, themselves within a commercial sugar cane plantation.
Situated in the area of Francois, the Habitation Clement holds an important place in the architectural and industrial patrimony of Martinique with its transformation over time in terms of activity (from sugar cultivation to rum production) and in terms of change in ownership.
Owners of Habitation Clement since 1986, the Bernard Hayot Group is committed to developing two aspects of the property. On one hand, the historic Maison Clement, continues its important historic role as producer of exceptional rhum agricole.
Whilst on the other hand the adoption of a historical and cultural emphasis with the Clement Foundation, is facilitating the progressive opening of the Habitation to the public. The only Creole plantation in Martinique that is entirely open to the public it has been recognized as a Historic Monument by the Ministry of Culture in 1996.

habitation clement martinique colonial house of habitation clement martinique interiors creole house at habitation clement

A visit to the Habitation Clement

The tour is created around two concepts: the world of rum, based around the antique distillery; and the Creole life, focused on the main home.
The two centers are linked by the gardens, an opportunity to appreciate the tropical flora of Martinique.

Beginning in the gardens, created in the 90’s, the trail passes through the palm groves to reach the rum aging rooms and continuing on takes you to the antique distillery.
Continuing your tour, you can explore the case des presidents, the maison principale and the out buildings.
The Case à Lucie hosts an exhibition center that can welcome works of emerging artists.

Because of a beautifull restoration of some old distilleries a selling and rum tasting point has been created and is accessible also to the public. Here you can taste some of the best Clement Rums.

Rum Clement

La Maison Clément is one of the principal producers of rum in Martinique and is renowned for it’s aged rum.

In the cantina of the “habitation” or plantation Clément patiently aging for at least three years, lay thousands of liters of rum, destined for the rum lovers of tomorrow. Since 1987 the production of the prestigious Rum Clément has adhered to the purest traditions and historic methods created by Homère and Charles Clément. The rhum agricole Clément  is created by distilling pure cane sugar, according to the new rules of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC).

The antique distillery and the Centre d’Interpretation du Rhum

The historic distillery was converted into the Centre d’interprétation du rhum in 2005.

Courtesy of the catwalk that passes above the two wings of the distillery, visitors are afforded an exceptional insight into the processes and the machines employed in the manufacturing of rum agricolo. Guests are also encouraged to visit the exhibition, regularly updated and varying in theme from cultural to thematic (the history or rum, sugar cane production , rum production….)

barrels of rum distillery clement martinique

A new space to explore: Le Jardin des Machines

 The "garden of the machines" is a space directly linked to the industrial age and the conservation of the industrial history of the island. A new trail for the discovery of the various industrial machines that that have been used in the production of rum from the  19° to the  20°century.

production rum clement martinique

Visiting hours and entry fees

The Habitation Clement is open from 09.00 to 17.30 every day
Duration of a visit is approximately: 1 ½ hours

AudioGuided tours are also available

Entry Fees:

  • adult: 13 €;
  • Children under 7 years: free
  • Children 7-18 years: 8 €
  • Family (2 adults+2 children 7-18): 35 €

Disabled Access

All of the public areas have been designed to provide access to the disabled. Since it is a historical monument, part of the site it is difficult to access for disabled people. Please contact us for more information

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