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Guy Albert

Guy Albert Valley craftsman in Martinique

Guy Albert Valey is an artist recognized for his profound sense of island tradition. His philosophy of life as reflected in his work are based upon his native Martinique roots.
Stalwart of traditional rituals, costumes and beliefs all but lost, Valey’s work seeks to maintain these principals alive and reflect nature’s vital role in island life.

Having a chat with Guy is truly an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Through his creations and his stories you can get to know a bit more about the real Martinique, the every day aspects that maintain the flavors of the rural life of passed time.

His simplicity and enthusiasm for life will draw you into discovering things that no travel guide can provide.

Guy lives in Lorrain, to the north of the island, a land of traditions, plantations of bananas and pineapples , tropical forests, rivers and explosive nature. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe and returned home rich with experiences he now dedicates himself with all of his heart to his passion: working in complete harmony with nature and maintaining alive the production of daily items using natures’ bounty..

"Calebasse", Guy’s nickname, also works with the local population in mind, keeping alive the traditional practices by creating objects that whilst practical also hold a cultural value, including Calebasse plates, vegetable sponges, containers and cooking utensils.

Often considered works of art, his creations combine various natural materials with a simple elegance.

Guy is continually searching for new applications of nature to satisfy the needs of daily life. He can create items upon request and to personal specifications, ever ready to explore new possibilities.

Guy collects and works with the materials nature provides:

  • The Calebasse to make containers, ladles and bags;
  • Vegetable fibers are used to create woven products (vannerie) and for decoration; reed (roseau) for wind breaks, vases, decoration; the colored seeds, like buttons, finishing touches or as decorative elements; roots, become sculptures or carry alls.
  • His imagination is insurmountable, Guy has created a series of marionette dolls for children, each with its own unique name, expression and costume.


Guy-Albert Valey
Artisanat d'art local
Morne Céron, 97214 Le Lorrain
Tel 0596.538566

You’ll find him Saturday mornings at the market of Trinité!

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