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La Madrassienne

madras traditional tisue martinique

La Madrassienne is the name of the tradition. Jarmila uses 'Madras,' (The word is similar to the curry, but it means the traditional creole prints, used in local costume,) in her creations made of the material. Dolls, toy tortoises, cats and table sets. Also of her creation, hand painted decorative objects in bamboo.

You can also purchase many various home-made punches, made using traditional recipes, bottled plainly or bottled in decoratively hand painted glass. Home-made jams & condiments, sugar cane syrup, vanilla and various Antilles spices, pickled hot peppers or hot pepper paste, both packaged in an attractive present style form. Souvenirs starting from 2 Euro.

Jarmila also speaks English! Sainte–Luce's market, every Thursday morning. Tel: 0696 430 672


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