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About the island

Restaurant and cuisine

Martinique will not fail to amaze you with its culinary treasures.

The fusion of creole and French cuisine creates a unique variety of tastes smells and colours. The restaurants propose french, italian, international, asian dishes.

There are also pizzerias, snacks on the beach, bakeries.  There is a large choice in Martinique, for all tastes and preferences.

Creole cuisine

Creole cuisine in Martinique

Meals are typically a single course of fish or meat with rice and local vegetables


Restaurants in Martinique

restaurants in Martinique

A choice of restaurants selected for their food quality, ambience, location...


Creole recipes

creole dishes receips

Some easy recipes of creole cuisine, which will give a Caribbean touch to your dinner



spices and flavors of Creole cuisine

The spices can be found adding colour and flavour not only to the creole dishes but also the local market stalls


Tropical fruits

tropical fruit

An explosion of colours, shapes and flavours. Tropical nature offers an incredible variety of fruit and vegetables.


Sweet cassave

production of cassava flour and biscuits

The manioca, a base for traditional cooking, is used in the preparation of cassave: a delicious biscuit, with coconut, eggs and cinnamon.


Sugar cane

sugar cane

Sugar, syrup and Rum are the principal products of the sugar cane but one can also find on the market stalls “Jus de canne”...


Sugar cane syrup

artisan production of sugar syrup

Dive into the past with a visit to the Mulin Jouan a Lorrain where sugar cane syrup is still produced using traditional methods


Delicious sorbets

local sorbets on the beach

Coconut, guava, papaya, tamarind,all home made according to traditional recipes handed down through generations. Scrumptious and refreshing, best enjoyed on a beach in the shade of a palm tree!


Poulet boukané

poulet boucané or smoked chicken

A delicacy not to be missed!Chicken smoked over sugar cane and served with a lightly spiced sauce. The dish can be bought from many of the roadside spots, the irresistible aroma will let you know when its time to stop!


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