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Tropical fruits

Tropical fruit in Martinique

An explosion of colors, shapes and flavors. Tropical nature offers an incredible variety of fruit and vegetables.



Both as an ingredient and meal in itself, the banana is used as a base in many of the local dishes and a staple in the diet. The market stalls contain many diverse varieties of banana: pink, yellow, green, as well as many different shapes:ti nain, figue-pomme, figue-rose and bananas jaunes.Bananas are found throughout the island, every Creole garden and the many plantations that populate the island.

if you would like to find out even more about the banana visit the Banana Museum.




An impressive plant with lush foliage which forms a canopy, there are various types grown on Martinique, each with its own color and texture. The mature fruit can be red, yellow, green and orange with a sweet fibrous pulp. Popular as a juice or an ingredient in ice-cream and sorbet



The season is generally from February to June but you can always find them at the Market stalls and mobile vendors


guava fruit

Small round, slightly elongated fruit with yellow green skin and a red flesh with small seeds. Used for juice and marmalades they can be found at the market stalls between May and November.

Prune de citere

prune de cythere local fruit juices 

This unique fruit is in season from July to September and can be seen hanging in bunches like oversized grapes. Yellow-green with a smooth skin the flesh has a sweet, acidic flavor, used for local fruit juices.


star fruit or carambole

Commonly known as Star Fruit due to the pattern when cut in cross section, this fruit has a fresh and tasty juice.

Bread Fruit

bread fruit martinique

Originally from Asia the fruit is in season from November to June. Utilized primarily as a side dish the mature fruit is boiled, though it can also be grilled, grated or sliced over a salad.

Antilles Apricot

abricot des antilles

A fruit particular to the Antilles the “Apricot” is a large fruit with a think skin and the perfumed flesh is the color of an apricot. The fruit reaches maturity between June and August.

Water Apple

pomme d'eau or water apple

A small red fruit similar in appearance to an apple they have a white pulp that is extremely rich in water with a delicate, refreshing flavor. Found during the period July-August.


corossole fruit

Recognizable for it vivid green skin with soft spines this fruit is used in sorbets as juice and fried.

Citrus Fruits 

The island produces many types of citrus fruit including sweet and bitter oranges, grapefruit, lemons and mandarine. The season is generally in June and July. Delicious freshly squeezed. The “citron vert” is commonly used in the islands famous rum cocktails.

Pomme cannelle

pomme canelle tipical fruit of martinique

A plant originally from the Antilles, this globular green fruit contains an aromatic pulpy flesh with a delicate flavor. In season from July to September.


avocado fruit

Of different species, the growing season is from June to November, the fruits are delicious also savored as such.

Passion fruit

passion fruit or maracudja

Sweet, acidic flavor, used for local fruit juices


cacao fruit

Originally from the humid tropical climes of South America Cacao is cultivated in Martinique throughout the hilly regions. A yellow-green fruit when mature the seed is dried and grilled to produce the powder and Cacao Butter. You will also find it at the markets in the form of Cacao Sticks.

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